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The Chouwe T-shirt Contest

March 10, 2010

Chouwe Iphone application is looking for a cool, never-before-seen ecological design to promote the planting trees in the Amazon. The Successful Green Campaign in 100 words is a contest for students, mothers, fathers, teachers, graphic designers, artists, and individuals supporting the planting of trees. The green design contest is an initiative, which is calling people throughout the world to reduce CO2 through the planting of trees with the help of students. Show your support for the reforestation of the Amazon, submit your green design and make a Difference! This contest is open to anyone worldwide; No entry fees. The more T-shirts your entry sells the more trees we can plant in the Amazon.

So what do you get in return?

1.- The deadline of the contest is December 1st 2010

2.- The winner will be announced here in the Chouwe T-shirt Contest Blog on December 10th 2010 at noon. I will send you an email with the results.

3.- The winner is going to receive $200, and Chouwe will use his/her art on our blog until the next opening contest.

Finally (and most importantly), your good initiative will help promote to others that there needs to be a more conscious effort when it comes to the planting trees throughout the Amazon and world.

Thanks for your support,

Danilo Luzuriaga