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My name is Danilo Luzuriaga, I’m an ecologist and advocate for reforestation, and this is my green blog featuring information on the Chouwe T-shirt Contest. I want to share something important with you, a necessity of life which I discovered in 2007. I felt bad to learn the importance of this so late, if I would had the opportunity to learn more about ecology in my previous years of high school, I would have been planting more trees, but as the proverb says “it is never to late to learn.”  I’m here to share with you this reality. Since we are living on the same planet Earth, people should understand that humans won’t gather enough natural resources as the actual rate of demand increases. In other words, of all the energy available to sustain all the species on Earth, humans take almost half. According to the U.S. ecologist, Norman Myers, “The third, and by far the most important, mode of human-driven extinction is the destruction and fragmentation of habitat, especially the inexorable cutting of tropical rainforests. The forests, which cover just 7 percent of the world’s land surfaces, are a cauldron of evolutionary innovation and are home to half of the world’s species.”[1]

Now you understand why I’m planting trees in the Amazon, and why I need your help to spread this message among your friends. If you have read up until this point, you have dedicated time to helping the planets so please help take the next step. I moved back home from the U.S in 2009 to Quito – Ecuador with a bachelor’s degree in Business.  Then turned the degree toward Iphone development, finishing my first Iphone Eco-application called “Chouwe”.  I’m an advocate to the sustainable management of resources and the protection of the natural environment through changes in public policies and individual behavior.

The Chouwe T-shirt contest was born under my initiative and proves a difficult undertaking, extremely disturbing to see how online and high school friends ignore the call to action.  Including how non-profit organization in Ecuador and the United States never respond to my emails and petitions, but it is ok because I have hope in humanities ability to change.  Nothing is ever easy in this life and I fight every day to spread the message! It’s a miracle if people read your blog these days, but I’m happy knowing individuals are out there with good intentions.

I started this contest with three friends, my business partner Kevin Guile, who lives in New York, David Woods, who lives in England, and Andy Stracuzzi, who lives in Florida. Thanks guys for those great graphic designs, “you can see those on the donation page.”

When I’m not working on Chouwe, or the T-shirt contest, I help my Father with his business; as well as translate a book from Spanish to English regarding Mathematics. On the weekends, I organize trips with anybody who wants to help plant trees. I travel twice a year to the U.S. to spread Chouwe’s cause, so if you would like to organize something to help your efforts in planting trees in the USA, or desire to come plant trees in Ecuador, I will be glad to help.

Finally, I want to say thanks to my cousin, Webster, who lives in Ocala, Florida; Todd and Judy Buchanan from Tampa and Gainesville, who support me and believe in Chouwe . It is amazing how we share invitations through the Chouwe app, very good moments I won’t forget.

Many thanks to all of you,

Danilo Luzuriaga



[1] Leakey, Richard; Lewin,Roger, “ The Sixth Extinction. A conservationists Crusade.” Genesis of Eden. 1996. dhushara.com 6 Jan.1997 <http://www.dhushara.com/book/diversit/restor/6thext2.htm>


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