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If you have questions please send me an email  Include your first and last name, and question, otherwise, I won’t respond to any personal question. It is important to know who I am speaking with because your not just a number on a website.  You are an individual and I prefer to treat you as more than a page view number.

Danilo Luzuriaga

Education – Business Administration
Political Position – liberal
Status – single

1. – Born and raised: Quito – Ecuador October 1st 1978 but my heart is “Lojano,” which means for the province of Loja.

2. – High School: Intisana High School.

3. – National and State Parks I have visited:

Grand Canyon, Nevada USA

Acadia National Park, Maine USA

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park , Florida USA

Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida USA

Cuyabeno Reserve, Lago Agrio Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Pasochoa State Park, Quito Ecuador

4. – Where are you planting trees? At the moment, I’m planting trees in a school located in northern Quito.

5. – How many trees? I started with 60 trees, but my goal is to plant 300 trees.

6. – Who is helping you? So far, nobody is helping except students of that school.

7. – Is there any place where I can see the trees you planted? Sure, if you go to my personal blog (http://middleofworld.worpress) you will be able to see pictures and discover the location of the trees I have planted so far.

8. – How many trees have you planted in the US? Two, there is one in Ocala, and the second one is in Tampa in the backyard of my friend’s house. The first one died, but the second one still survives, although the last wave of cold that occurred in Florida in November of 2009 killed all trinette’s bunches, I have received the last pictures of the plant, which I posted on the same blog.

9. – What is your goal? To plant 200,000 trees in 20 minutes with help of my friends.

10. – Who inspired you to do this? Mr. Richard St. Barbe Baker (1889-1982), he was the world’s greatest forester. He was a visionary and an outstanding man that was able to achieve the planting of trees worldwide, more than anyone else.

11. – What is more important save a child or save a tree? Both are important, there are many organizations that focus on helping children, but my goal is to continue helping those children by teaching them the importance of planting trees.

12. – What’s the most interesting biography you’ve read? The Bible, it has taught me the best lessons of life and love.

13. – What are the best qualities you admire in a woman? Intelligence, good values, friendship, persistence, and determination to achieve something in life.

14. – Who is your hero? My father, Giorgi Luzuriaga

15. – Have you ever participated in any political movements in the U.S? No, I can’t because I’m an international student.

16. – What was the best political act you have ever seen in the U.S.? I went to listen to the speech of President Obama on October 23rd 2008 at Boston Common Park.  It was an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to talk with two women, one from Boston and the other one from New Hampshire. We had a discussion about the US educational system. I remember exactly what the lady from New Hampshire said. “You see, Danilo, that is the reason we need Obama as the president of the U.S., we don’t have any idea about Ecuador or international geography, our educational systems has a lot of problems, so we need this change.”

17. – How many kids do you want to have? I would like to have three kids, but that answer depends on what my wife wants.

18. – What do you think about the Opus Dei? Private religious groups cannot change nor transform any society in the world.

19. – Are you from the Opus Dei? No.

20. – What do you think about conservative party? If they still think that non-profit organizations, charities, social causes, are just ways to waste money, then they are totally blind. I would love to hear if, someday, Corporate America says, people of the world we have found the solution to poverty in Africa.

21. – What do you do in your free time? I’m in the process of translating a book from Spanish to English, about how easy teachers can explain mathematics to students from middle school to college. The book has 8 chapters, and it was written by an outstanding older engineer, who lives in Quito. I’m in the process of translating that book, and sending copies of it to president Obama, and teachers across the U.S.


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