Contest Rules

1.     Create an original green design to put on a t-shirt. All designs must be related to the Chouwe campaign or they will not be considered.

2.     In your design, have the word “Chouwe” so everyone knows your green design is for the Green Chouwe Contest.

3.     Send your green design in a PDF or jpeg format.

4.     Each participant may submit no more than 1 design.

5.     This green campaign is open to anyone around the world.

6.     With your Chouwe green design, please submit the following information:

1. Your Full Name
2. The name of your green design
3. The Url of your website (if you have one)
4. Email address
5. A recent picture of yourself (no bigger than 24KB)

7.  Chouwe will inform you by email on the number of sales from your design through the Chouwe Zazzle store, so you will know how many trees you committed to be planted in the Amazon.

8.  We will post pictures of and exact location of the trees through our flicker account.
Chouwe flickr account.

9.  Remember, by doing this we believe small steps now will make big changes in the future helping people to be more active and less passive about environmental issues. Individuals are going to realize that friends like you are living around the world and something needs to reverse all the damage and pollution our reckless nature has created.

10.  Finally submit your green design to

I will be glad to answer all your questions,


Danilo Luzuriaga

Plan a party, Save a tree.


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