If you already have a t-shirt that promotes the protection of the rain-forest, animals, natural resources and elements, or native Indian communities, I will be glad to have a conversation with you and help promote your good initiative. We live on the same planet, we are brothers and sisters, and our mission is to work together in protecting this amazing planet earth; a unique system of life not yet found in other parts of the universe.

I promote the cause for planting trees in the Amazon and the t-shirts on the following social networks, as well as sending Eco-invitations to friends through the Chouwe Iphone application. If you think there are more opportunities to spread this message via your social networks or in different forums, then please let me know by sending an email at with the subject: Add my social network. Thanks

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Chouwe t-shirt contest proudly participates in the following t-shirt forums:

If you think that we should also participate in your forum, please send me an email at with the subject: Add this new t-shirt forum. Thanks

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